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Triforium | 2008-08-19 |

The history of the Triforium can be found here
In short, the Triforium's designer, Joseph Young, "... envisioned laser beams shooting into space from the Triforium, making it the world's first astronomical beacon. He also wanted to create a multi-media dialogue between people, light and sound with sensors that would transform the movement of pedestrians passing under the work into changing patterns of color and music. However, as the initial estimated cost of the Triforium increased from approximately $250,000 to nearly $1 million, City Councilmen attacked the work as a "psychedelic nickelodeon," a "million dollar firefly," and as the "Trifoolery." To control the cost overrun, the laser beams, the electronic sensors and a manually operated dimmer for the prism lights were eliminated."

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