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A Trio of Plates | 2008-09-06 |

This is a salad my Aunt ordered. I took her out to dinner on Labor day, because Iím generous like that. Ha! I had a meatloaf sandwich (not shown). I didnít finish it, but I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

This is lunch Friday, from In-and-Out. Thereís one right across the street from work. I didnít know what else to have, so I went there and had a burger, no fries, and a drink.

Lastly, dinner Friday night. I went to the House of Pies in Los Feliz just before going to the Comedy Store to check out my friendís act. I was going to order another burger, but then I thought, ďI had one for lunch.Ē So, I ordered breakfast for dinner. A meal like this is always so big that I can never finish it. Which sucks, because I hate throwing food away. Also, itís 1:24 and I havenít had breakfast. But I will, right after I post this.

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