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Wannabe Rockstar | 2008-10-11 |

I have a friend that wants to be a famous singer. I don�t mean this to be a forum for me to bash her, but despite having a really good voice she will probably not make it. The music business is very different these days, and one doesn�t break into the business in the old ways. Tie that with a weak work ethic and you have someone who will, despite her raw talent, not make it. I think of a guy like Jerry Rice, who wasn�t drafted high, wasn�t considered to have that much raw talent, and what he did. Rice was a perfectionist, modest, and had the best work ethic in the NFL. It�s said of the best of the best that they rise above because of talent mixed with absolute determination. If only my friend had the determination, then she�d be what she wants to be.

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