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Late Night Double Cheeseburger Run | 2008-11-29 |

Last night I got the hankering for some ice cream, and since I�m as poor as a church mouse I thought that my best option would be a sundae from McDonald�s. So I walked out into the chilly night and walked to get my ice cream. I ended up getting a double cheeseburger instead. I�m still hankering for some ice cream though.
When I got there the place was empty. I nearly forgot that it was a Friday night, seeing as the holiday threw my timing off. There was one obviously homeless guy looking aimlessly into his coffee and alternating that look with some aimless looks at the floor. Occasionally he would glance my way as I ate my double cheeseburger.
A couple came in and ordered the biggest burgers on the menu, those terribly dry Angus burgers that would be good if they weren�t so dry. I ate my burger and made my way home after that.

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