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1890 Huntington - Fisheye | 2008-12-25 |

This is where I work. The building is pretty cool, though like with any building there are moments where I think to myself, �Who designed this place?� And by that I mean that something is amiss. But what do I know? Growing up I used to draw plans for building, homes, landscaping and stuff like that. I had this idea that I wanted to be an architect when I grew up. I obviously didn�t take that path in life.

On a side note, I'm SUPER happy that Christmas is over. I do love the chilly weather, the lights, and the food, during this time of the year. What I don't like is having to do the "family" things. I guess I wouldn't mind it if they weren't so blah. Last night I ate a sorry chicken and super-sugared iced tea. Not my idea of a great Christmas meal. But, thankfully that's over with. Now I shall simply enjoy the chilly weather, the holiday lights, and the food.

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