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Lighthouse Point | 2009-01-06 |

This is a picture of a lighthouse in Long Beach. It's by the Aquarium of the Pacific, where the last picture of the Whale hanging from the ceiling was taken. Those are the facts.

This next statement is something else, but no less factual. I share my photographs with nearly everyone I know, only to be patronized as having �nice� pictures. You know what? I think I�m not going to mention my work to anyone I know anymore. It�s not appreciated, and people make me feel like I�m imposing on them to look at them for two seconds. Also, when they do look at my photographs they dismiss them as a work of commonality. Photography has the problem of not always being considered an art form because �anyone can take a picture.� Yes, it�s true, any damn fool with a camera can take a picture. But it�s not just about taking a snapshot, it�s about capturing a moment of perfection for me. I think life has no purpose beyond simply existing. I bring some meaning to my life through photography. Yes, photography is THAT important to me. It is now, along with my writing, the single most important thing in my life. And from this point forward it will be only mine. I�ll post my photos on my site, but I won�t ask people to look at them. I won�t ask them to appreciate them, because I appreciate them. To me they have meaning far beyond anyone I know. My world has not contracted to a point where there�s my art and nothing else matters. I know we�re all doomed, and what I leave here will one day not exist. I�m OK with that because for a brief moment in the time this universe existed I captured beautiful moments with my camera. If only for me to see perhaps. But I can look at the universe and tell it that I appreciate its wonder, the absolute wonder I feel when see a little something that is beyond words. I speak to the Universe sometimes, cursing it for some things, but also praising it for the beauty that others trample over. I thank the Universe for letting me see that wonder.

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