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Downtown Skyline | 2009-01-16 |

The photo pretty much explains itself, it's downtown.

Yesterday at my Glendale job I had my bi-yearly evaluation in which I was told that I should cut down on the interpersonal conversations with my fellow employees. That wasn't so bad, because in most jobs I've been told to cut down on that. But the phrase "this is your last warning" made me wonder what the hell the next time I do talk to someone for more than 2 seconds will bring. Does final warning mean that next time I talk I'm fired? Do I get docked salary per conversation? I didn't seek an explanation because I honestly don't care either way. My solution is to not talk to ANYONE at work anymore. I will be a complete and total mute there. They want silence, they'll get it, in spades. Also, as soon as I got home I started looking at other employment. I work hard for that job, and they don't appreciate it. I'm the apple of no one's eye there, that's for sure.

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