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Breakfast with Nicole | 2009-01-21 |

My friend Nicole came down from San Francisco this weekend and we had breakfast together to catch up on old times. I showed her the new iPhone app and took this picture of her with it. I find that people are the best subject for this kind of picture.

Meanwhile, yesterday�s inauguration was quite moving. I could not contain the emotion that I felt when Obama was sworn in. There are those who wonder what this whole thing is about. It�s about hope for the future. For a long time every generation of American has been able to look forward and know that there were better times ahead. But lately that hasn�t been true. What we all who voted for Obama have is hope that we can all right the ship, fix the wrongs (as many as possible), and continue to hope. We�ve suffered through eight years of one of the worst administrations ever. But beyond change what this is really about is fulfillment. This country has oppressed many of its citizens, but it�s also given them a chance to free themselves from the oppression. That is unique in all the world. And yesterday this country really did live up to its creed, "That all men are created equal."

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