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New Orleans Square, Disneyland | 2009-01-29 |

I went to Disneyland earlier this week, just because. I haven�t been there since September, when I took myself for a birthday gift to myself. This time I just wanted to go to relax and eat a Monte Cristo sandwich, which I did.
I�m minutes away from going to my Glendale job, which I have come to dread. It�s not so much the actual work, but rather the people that work there. I�m not liked by the managers there. Also, they told me that if I don�t stop having long conversations with my co-workers that I�d be something. They didn�t want to come out and say it, but it was implied that they�d fire me. What a bunch of dummies. A happy employee is a productive one. But these people want us to be robots and nothing else. So to feel like a human I went to the happiest place on Earth.

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