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Metro Liner | 2009-03-14 |

When my old Subaru was dying a slow death a few years ago I started taking the bus to places like downtown, because I didn�t know if my car could make it. But the side effect was that I discovered mass transit here in LA. It�s a hard city to ride the bus in, that�s for sure. Growing up we didn�t have a car, so the bus is no stranger to me. I like the improvements the MTA has made, what with the nicer buses, the subway, lightrail. But, there is still more they can do. I wish someone would create either a lightrail line, or bus line that goes from the valley to the Westside. Years ago there was an idea to build a network of monorail lines. There are some who think that�s the best way to go, since it would mean not having to drill a hole in the ground. Anyways, I�m not saying that LA will ever be a place that you won�t need a car. But I know that I�ve let go a little and taken to the bus for side trips and stuff, why not you?

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