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Girl from work yesterday | 2009-03-21 |

I got to work upstairs in the computer area again yesterday. One of my co-workers says that Iím the only one of the pages that get work up there. I wasnít sure why I got to have that assignment, but then just now I remembered that one day the fella who was supposed to be up there arrived late. As they scrambled to figure out who to send up there I said, ďIíll do it,Ē and started to make my way up there. We were short so they let me go. I guess I did OK since now itís a regular thing on my schedule. There are times when it can be hectic, but thankfully wasnít. The girl in the picture is someone who was bouncing around printing a bunch of stuff. She was nice, but Iím through with women. It was pleasant to interact with her though.

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