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New Camera! | 2009-05-09 |

This is the first official picture posted here taken with my new Canon ELPH 780 IS (which arrived yesterday). I picked this camera for its size, it�s super tiny. I NEED a camera that I can carry with me all the time to take those crazy opportunities that happen throughout the day. This thing is smaller than my iPhone! As an added bonus, here�s the same picture after I did a little creative photoshopping.

Also new... I wrote a poem for the first time in two years (approximately).
L is for many things

Idolization has long drained
from the carcass...
the unequivocal slit open neck.
It should be easy to turn away,
remark things as in the not present
and speak of real things, now.
The immaterial and the material
dancing on the same floor.
A deaf mute response,
learned through many lessons,
The great enlightenment of
a hundred florescent watts
heard with the eyes,
and seen only by the I.

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