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Tables (Fisheye) | 2009-05-21 |

I have three hours to ďkillĒ on Tuesdays between my two jobs. Instead of going straight from one job to the other job Iíve been making a stop at South Pasadena. Itís nice and quiet, and there are neat things to take pictures of. This is of a restaurant on Mission. I have no idea what kind of food they serve, but the tables looked neat to me. I think I have a thing for empty tables because I tend to take more than my share of pictures of empty tables. There must be some deep meaning to that, but who knows.

The work hours are getting to me a bit, but thankfully the weekend is near. Today at work I was told that I donít say hi when I come into work. My manager said, ďI guess itís not your custom.Ē Not my custom? Iíve pretty much been told to not say a word, so why chance it by saying hi? I canít win at that job.

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