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Coral Tree "detail" (Fisheye) | 2009-05-23 |

A few Saturdays ago I went to the westside and took some pictures of the coral trees along San Vincente blvd. It took me this long to post them because I had to get the film developed.

As I write this I�m enjoying my day off by not doing anything. I�m sitting here waiting to figure out what I might to today. The best thing would be to do nothing, but that�s no fun. The day is perfect, and I mean like quite literally perfect. I could go out and take some pictures, but my Leica is on the fritz. It�s been like that for a while, but now I think I best send it to the manufacturer to get it fixed. Thankfully I have my new ELPH to take pictures with. But it�s not the same since the Leica let�s me go full manual. But whatever, no of that matters.

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