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Good-bye Kodachrome | 2009-06-22 |

Kodak announced that it is discontinuing Kodachrome. To many people this means nothing, especially in the age of digital cameras. But, even a complete digital convert like myself still appreciates my roots. I absolutely LOVE shooting in Kodachrome. I still have a few rolls in my freezer, which I best shoot soon since there is only one lab in the U.S. that still develops it. Kodachrome is super sharp, super saturated color that made everything warm just POP.

In the age of digital few people understand the concept of choosing the right film for the right situation. Suffice to say Kodachrome was my film of choice, because I loved the saturation. There was an article in the NY Times the other day about a group of people that are trying to revive Polaroid instant film. Perhaps in a few years another group will do the same with Kodachrome.

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