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Idyllic View | 2009-07-16 |

A little something I�m working on:

Life is anything but magic. I wish that I could write the script to my life as easily as I write this sentence. Then everything would be perfect. I would live in a incredible dream house with the woman I love, and our cat. No kids, I hate those creatures. You know what else I hate? I hate it when a story finds it convenient to change the facts to fit the situation. Yes, time and space can bend with the written word, but even the universe created from the imagination has to follow some sort of logic that can�t just be suspended because the story needs it to be. If you can literally do anything in a story then there wouldn�t be a story to tell in the first place, if you catch my meaning. If you don�t then just read the footnotes someone will place on this page telling you what I meant by that statement. My point is, I hate how nearly every story is written, because lazy writers lead the reader with breadcrumbs to the formulaic end, and verbose writers like their own work too much to ever get to the point. While bad writers simply write bad shit.

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