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Observatory | 2009-07-26 |

The Griffith Observatory is a unique place in Los Angeles. Itís also a place we need more of in this town: a public space where anyone from the city can be a part of the entire city, not just their little community. Because from the Observatory one can see nearly the whole of Los Angeles. The city sparkles, but it doesnít flinch. It is what it is, a sorted little burg on the edge of the world, with its history obliterated by new layers of ďprogressĒ and civil reinvention. But itís also a place where one can make their dreams come true. Which is why the world is drawn to it, like moths to the flame of success, fame, and riches. In a story I was writing I said that, "California is where Western civilization came to an end. It is the Western most point of the world. Beyond it is the vastness of the Pacific and nothing else. The West could go no further--there wasnít any more land to conquer. It is El Dorado, the place where dreams come true on backlots, where common courtesy died, and where the coast is the closest thing to heaven Iíve ever seen." I think that pretty much covers what I think of this city.

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