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Joe's | 2009-08-03 |

Anyone that knows me knows that I drive my departed friend Joeís car. The other day I wanted to talk to him, but I remembered that he was dead. Itís strange how youíll just forget that someone is gone. It doesnít happen very often with my mother, since sheís been gone for 12 years now. With my Grandmother the first year I remember forgetting a couple of times.

I mention death because I lost another friend last month. One I hadnít kept in touch with in quite a long time. Itís nuts because, I listen to some of my friendís songs and I canít believe that heís dead.

The most significant people in my life have all died. In the last five years Iíve lost: my Grandmother, my cousin, my buddy Joe, my Father, and my friend Michael. Thatís just nuts.

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