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Shark Toof | 2009-08-06 |

Iíll forever be amazed at how people try to find meaning in the meaningless. Every religion is built upon the idea of control and finding meaning in the meaningless. I get it, nobody wants to go through life knowing that their life is utterly devoid of any higher meaning. Thatís not to say that life is meaningless, but surly it has no divine meaning attached to it, just because we say so. I think itís wrong to divert so much meaning to an afterlife that most likely doesnít exist, because it invites the idea that weíll have another chance to do what we didnít do this time around. Iím pretty sure thatís not going to happen, but even if it might, why not experience it now? Why wait around till youíre confined to a cloud? So, big deal, thereís no higher purpose... who cares? The meaning we take out of life is what we put into it. Hoping to please some imaginary bearded man in the ďskyĒ isnít going to do you any good, Iíll tell you that. It certainly hasnít done me any good. Not that I tried very hard though.

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