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Port of San Francisco | 2009-08-11 |

Here�s another from the archives, specifically from my S.F. trip a couple of years back. That is a nice town, one I wouldn�t mind visiting again some time soon.

Monday I went to LACMA for some culture and some pictures. I got a few nice pictures, which I will be posting here in the coming days. I found myself in awe at the talent that hang on the walls of the museum. I�ve seen a lot of the works before, but there are times when the power the possess really hits me. The fact that these works represent the hard work and talent of someone is what really movies me. There was a woman walking around the modern art section talking to her husband in a hush tone what she didn�t quite �get� these �things.� It�s perfectly understandable because much of what modern art is remains unique and modern, and they represent a different way of seeing the world. Most people would rather not see different angles, different perspectives, all represented in the same piece. I like modern art because it is often hard to wrap your mind around. It challenges your mind, and your thoughts of what the world should be.

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