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Astro Orbitor | 2009-09-03 |

Everyone that goes to Disneyland at one time or another says, �Oh why did they take THAT attraction out?� It�s a valid question when one of our favorite attractions is taken out in favor of one that just isn�t as good. Tomorrowland seems to be more susceptible to this than any other part of the park. The Rocket Jets used to sit high above on a platform. I remember riding those things and making the seat go all the way up to the top and finding my fear of heights kick in. Now the Astro Orbitor ride is at ground level. So the highest one can get is probably 20 to 25 feet. When the ride was on the platform you�d be spinning at least 50 feet in the air, and probably more like 75 feet. Alas, the platform is still there, sitting unused.

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