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Red | 2009-09-05 |

The following has nothing to do with the picture above. The news was reporting that there are people who are protesting Obama�s address to schools on Tuesday as propaganda. Some parents are asking to have their kids not watch the address. The vitriol and animus of the Conservative camp is not only showing, it�s glaring. I like to think that the ill will shown this President stems from ideological differences rather than any racist feelings. But it is amazing that the Republicans have turned into the party of �Don�t, No,� and �You can�t do that,� rather than the party Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan. The world has changed. It�s become more diverse. I feel for them, because their conservative world has contracted, become homogenized and isolated. They must feel powerless to the change, hence their assailment of a President that represents that change.

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