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Some Random Pictures | 2009-09-13 |

Today I wanted to go into my archives and show you some random pictures that I�ve taken lately.

I took this a couple of weeks ago when I went to IHOP for breakfast for dinner. With the start of the new Football season IHOP had a tie-in consisting of something they call �Quarterback Scrambles.� Get it? Anyway, I had the MVP, which is scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, cheese and a couple of other things, and a pair of pancakes. Good amount of food for $9. I thought for that price I was going to get a smaller portion, which is what I wanted actually. I was wrong.

While doing my morning clean-up of the books at Glendale I ran into these two books in the same aisle. They struck me as funny when paired up.

Speaking of books, a few minutes later I found another book of interesting stuff. The picture above is from �Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-creator Joe Shuster.� Apparently the guy who drew Superman fell on some hard times after suing his publisher in a dispute. To make ends meet he drew these fetish cartoons of people being spanked, tied up, made to watch others get spanked, and so on. The picture above is a good example of what the book contains.

This last one is taken in the garage across the street from work. The light right in front of where I was parked was super bright. To the point that my eyes slightly hurt when I looked in that direction. Perhaps it�s a portal to another universe, or another dimension. Who knows.

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