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Tale of the Carts | 2009-11-16 |

No one can do anything right these days. Case in point, the trio of carts stuck together in the picture above. I sat outside of my local Costco watching one person after another struggle with this trio of stuck together carts. It was amazing to see how people never tried more than one way to pull them apart. All of them tried pulling them apart, but no one ever tried to figure out WHY they were stuck together and work the problem from THAT angle. It wasn�t until a few minutes later that a child came up and started actually trying to figure it out. The child was able to get one of the carts loose.

That left two carts still stuck together. A man later came up and figured out why THOSE two were stuck. I was just sad that EVERY time I go to Costco this scene replays itself over and over AND over again. Sad.

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