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Bird Sanctuary, Griffith Park | 2009-12-23 |

Thereís a line in a movie that states that, ďThere are eight million stories in the Naked City.Ē In a city as large as L.A. one is never really that far away from another person. The other day I went up to Griffith parkís Bird Sanctuary, which didnít have that many birds. But it also didnít have a soul around. Thereís a path running besides it, so Iím sure that I wasnít ever more than five hundred feet from another human the whole time. But right there, at that moment, I was alone. All I heard was the sound of the squirrels running around. :)

On an entirely different subject... itís sad when people disappoint you, so you lower your expectations and they not only live down to those lowered expectations.

IMAGE_171 / Vista Drive

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