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Looking Back | 2010-09-11 |

Like the Kennedy assassination a couple of generations before, I think none of us will forget where we were on September 11th, 2001. That day is still so vivid in my mind, I can replay the moments of that day in my mind�s eye like I�m watching it on tape or something.
What I really hate is what we�ve become since that time. We let a bunch of thugs change our way of life. Instead of opening ourselves up and fighting this fight with our values of freedom and justice we have become a nation of paranoid lemmings. We followed in lock-step an administration all too eager to keep us scared for their own machinations. Art is dead. God is dead. Our empire is crumbling. If there is a single day that our future selves will be able to point at when our downfall started it will be that day. Not because of the actions of the terrorists. Their actions are not new. But how we turned our back on our freedoms for a little safety, and never looked back.

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