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Big Sur, b&w pictures | 2012-10-06 |

I went up to Big Sur again last week. Here are some of the pictures I took with the ToyCamera app on my iPhone. Before that, some thoughts.

Big Sur is one of the most unique and stunning places on Earth. It stands in contrast to my everyday life where there is no certitude. It is beauty, and the ultimate truth we will find on this Earth. What overwhelmed me while I traveled Big Sur was the unutterable beauty, and indifference, of the vast ocean on one side of me, and the lush mountains on the other. I say indifference because Big Sur, and the world for that matter, exists in a time scale that dwarfs that of any human. My travels there were insignificant to Big Sur as a living place. It didn�t even know I was there. And that goes for the entire Universe. I am a speck on a tiny speck of a planet orbiting an average sun, spinning around in an average galaxy. In the vastness of Big Sur I could feel that insignificance, and it made me happy to be alive. Because despite being some insignificant speck I�m still alive. I can experience the beautiful and the grotesque and assign equal value to both. When I think of my time up in Big Sur I get very emotional because I'm overwhelmed by the memory of the beauty I experienced, the circumstances of me traveling up there, and the indifference of the Universe to my plight. All of those things combine cause me to be overwhelmingly happy.

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